Some History

Fluid Technologies was actually started in June 1978 under the name Delta Water Treating Systems, designing and
manufacturing all types of water treatment equipment for all markets, from power to oil and gas, with an emphasis on deaeration
and degasification equipment.

Between then and 1981, the company’s’ sales went from zero to $3.5 million dollars, and went from two employees to as many as

The company then took a partner company to try and further expand, and changed its name to Fluid Technologies.  The partner
was a company named BFS Industries, which you may be familiar with. The design of their standard deaeration equipment was
done by Fluid Technologies

In 1987, the partnership was dissolved, with the name “Fluid Technologies” being maintained by Bob Thomas.

Bob Thomas is presently the principal of Fluid technologies.

From 1987 through 1994, Fluid Technologies generally did consulting work, to any number of companies, manufacturers and
engineering companies, primarily oil and gas and petrochemical markets, and employing at times 3-4 people. Typical clients have been
Bechtel, Aramco, Hudson Products, Stone & Webster Engineering, Gibbs & Hill, KBR, Amoco Chemical, Dravo Engineering,
Sandwell Corp., McDermott Engineering, Hydro-Pure Systems, ABB Lummus/Crest, E.I. DuPont, Permutit Co., U.S. Filter, Capital
Water Treating, Black & Veatch, H-O-H Systems, Southern Technologies, Foster Wheeler, British Petroleum, Shell Oil, ASC
Complex, Exxon and Exxon Chemical, Phibro Corp., NKK, Clearwater Engineering, ESI, and MPE.

We presently have contracts with Bechtel, Exxon, and Hudson.

In early 1995, Serck Baker was put up for sale, and reduced their staff in Houston to eight people. At that time, they contracted with
Fluid Technologies to have Bob Thomas act as Senior Process Engineer and Proposal Manager. This contract lasted for approximately
18 months, after which Serck Baker was purchased and permanent staff was put on.

In July 1996, Modular Production Equipment Co. (MPE) Houston contracted with Fluid Technologies to have Bob Thomas assume
the roles of Business Development Manager and Chief Engineer.  

At the time, MPE had 4 employees, and no engineering department, and no real engineering capabilities of any kind. They contracted
their work to Alliance Engi-neering.

MPE wanted to increase their business in the Produced Water Market, and to project themselves into the seawater injection business.  

While building the companies capabilities to do the larger scope of work required by larger contracts, Bob Thomas also acted as
Product Manager for this equipment, deaerators, filtration systems, chemical injection systems etc.

This contract ended three years later when MPE was sold to NATCO. The company had 30 people at the time of the sale.

Since that time, Fluid Technologies has been actively pursuing both consulting contracts and the designing and manufacturing all types
of water treatment equipment, primarily in the water and gas market.

However, Fluid Technologies can design and manufacture all types of water treatment equipment and sytems, deaeration,
degasification, media filtration systems, walnut shell filtration systems, ion exchange equipment, seawater injection systems and
produced water systems including flotation and hydrocyclones.

We have various people available to us to handle all engineering and or drafting requirements.

We normally use several different inspection agencies to work with our customer’s inspectors and third party inspectors as required on

We include here a partial project list of the work that has been done by Fluid Technologies. We will be glad to supply you with
additional background information upon request.

In addition to this list, we also include here a list of projects that we have recently bid. These will give you an idea of the type of
projects that we are bidding, and the type of potential customers and engineering firms that we deal with on a regular basis.


Woodside FPSO to Modec – Bid for the Seawater Injection System, Dearation System, Chemical Injection System, Produced Water

Conoco SuTuDen FPSO – Alliance Engineering - Bid for the Seawater Injection System, Dearation System, Chemical Injection
System, Produced Water System

Conoco Venezuela C.A. – Corocoro Phase 1 – To Be Bid, Produced Water System, Chemical Injection System

Samsung -  Corocoro Phase 1- FSO – Waterflood System – To be Bid, Fine Filters, Deaeration

If you would like to have additional information of any kind regarding Fluid technologies, please feel free to contact us here at your

We will be pleased to visit with you in the immediate future upon request.

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